Canada Goose and Two Other Stocks Jim Cramer Likes Right Now

Published on October 27, 2023

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Hey investors, keep your eyes peeled.

Jim Cramer says that the market’s are in their “stupid phase” right now.

And, as the classic saying goes, “stupid is as stupid does.”

01:12 Macy’s
Macy’s M released earnings on Wednesday morning. The retailer had a huge beat, posting earnings per share of 27 cents versus analyst expectations of 14 cents a share.

How to Play Macy’s Stock Into Earnings
While Macy’s may not be a popular stock for some investors, Cramer said that he’s “fine” with the stock.

02:36 Canada Goose
Cramer sat down with Canada Goose’s GOOS CEO, Dani Reiss.

Cramer is a fan of the retailer’s direct to consumer model.

The company’s stock was soaring in Wednesday morning trading after posting an impressive earnings beat. Canada Goose announced earnings per share of 46 cents, beating FactSet expectations of 26 cents.

The company’s net income rose to $52 million in Canadian dollars from $38 million last year.

05:45 Simon Property Group
Selina emailed in asking whether or not it’s time to buy, sell, or hold shares of Simon Property Group SPG .

The company looks strong, according to Cramer. Shares of Simon are up over 16% in the past year.

Cramer said that he believes that the stock is a hold right now.

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Is Goos Stock A Buy

Is Goos Stock A Buy, Canada Goose and Two Other Stocks Jim Cramer Likes Right Now.

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