$DFFN – Golden Cross Momentum? 🤔 – Technical Chart Analysis – 2/15/2021

Published on December 6, 2022

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In this video we discuss the ticker symbol $DFFN on the daily chart. It had a pretty nasty drop last week, but made a quick recovery, which is a good sign. It is still close to the EMA’s which indicates that there is a lot of buying pressure at and under the ‘value area’. Worth watching, as this could potentially tap $150 again, especially with the golden cross formation we had a couple days ago!

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DFFN Forecast

DFFN Forecast, $DFFN – Golden Cross Momentum? 🤔 – Technical Chart Analysis – 2/15/2021.

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$DFFN – Golden Cross Momentum? 🤔 – Technical Chart Analysis – 2/15/2021, Enjoy most shared complete videos related to DFFN Forecast.

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