Headspace-Operated Prototype Rifle – Yeah, it's as Weird as it Sounds

Published on February 13, 2023

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Today we are taking a look at a very unusual prototype rifle, courtesy of Legacy Collectibles. I suspect – but have no direct evidence – that this was designed by one Francis K. Young, a man who patented several very similar systems. What makes it unusual is that it operates by having the cartridge case set back in the chamber, either by moving or by physically stretching upon firing. This would never become a successful mechanism for a self-loading rifle, but Young spent many years working on the idea, making a series of prototypes and registering several patents.

Thanks to Legacy Collectibles for providing me access to film this rifle! Check out their YouTube channel for lots of other interesting firearms history:


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Headspace Stock

Headspace Stock, Headspace-Operated Prototype Rifle – Yeah, it's as Weird as it Sounds.

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Headspace-Operated Prototype Rifle – Yeah, it's as Weird as it Sounds, Explore top full length videos about Headspace Stock.

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