Neometals (NMT) – European Investors Lining Up for Piece of Aussie Star

Published on December 30, 2022

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Matthew Gordon spoke to Chris Reed the Managing Director and CEO of Neometals Ltd. (ASX: NMT) to discuss the company’s recent and planned activities.

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Neometals Ltd. is an Australian mineral development company, involved in the recovery of a large array of battery metals including but not limited to lithium, titanium and vanadium. The company states that regulation 2020/852 of the European Parliament and EU Council, also known as the Taxonomy Regulation is a driving factor for the establishment and large investment support experienced by ESG-conscious companies.

The company is currently underway with an awareness tour of London where it aims to create awareness of its operations as well as reconnect with various brokers and institutions. The aim of the awareness tour is not to raise funds, according to the company, as it sits comfortably with a cash position of AUD$ 120 million in cash and investments with no debt.

Neometals Ltd. has developed a proprietary sustainable process for the recovery of valuable constituents from cell phone scrap and lithium batteries that are at the end of their life. The subsidiary company of Neometals Ltd., namely Primobius GmbH, is a joint venture with the German Engineering company, the SMS Group. Primobius GmbH aims to recycle and process battery material into saleable products.

The German automotive company, Mercedes Benz, recently announced that it plans to cooperate with Primobius GmbH, through its subsidiary Licular GmbH, for the design and construction of the company’s proposed 2500 ton per annum lithium-ion battery recycling plant.

The company plans to further evaluate the possible recovery of vanadium from processing by-products of leading Scandinavian steel maker SSAB this year. Neometals Ltd. plans to conclude with a feasibility study of the project by December 2022, from which it will make a final investment decision in the six months following.

0:00 – Company Overview
0:21 – Purpose of Chris’ Visit to London1:11 – ESG and Sustainable Trend Discussion
1:58 – Focusing on Lithium Battery Recycling Operation
3:01 – Partnership with Mercedes Discussion
5:13 – Main Elements in Recycling Batteries
8:55 – Strategy in Scaling the Operation
11:15 – Contingency in case of Falling out with Mercedes
13:50 – Time Frame of the Operations
15:17 – Yield Counts and Percentages
18:01 – Different OEMs’ Demand in Battery Materials
19:00 – Vanadium Recovery Remediation Business Overview
21:37 – Strategies in the Vanadium Market
24:11 – Interests in Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
25:11 – Economics on the Recycling Business of the Company
26:43 – How Battery Upcycling/Recycling affect different Markets
28:10 – Battery Upcycling/Recycling as a Service
30:40 – 2022 Expectations on the Projects
32:40 – Outro

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Neometals (NMT) – European Investors Lining Up for Piece of Aussie Star, Watch popular replays about Why Is Emn Stock Going Up.

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