Published on February 17, 2021

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The company is called Diffusion Pharmaceuticals, ticker symbol DFFN.

The company is a biotech company that focuses on that focuses on enhancing the bodies ability to deliver oxygen for many different conditions within the body.

The company is working on a drug to treat different cancers that once the cancer is beaten the patient would not have to rely on medications afterwards.

This drug would move more oxygen into oxygen deprived tissue within the body to fight cancers and other diseases.

The company also just had a share offering which got the share offering out of the way and also gave us a good buying opportunity on the dip.

The stock has had a big day so far as news came from the company regarding their completion of top line data from their open label phase 1b Clinical trial of it’s novel diffusion enhancing therapeutic and trans sodium crocetinate which was done with covid patients that were confirmed to have hypoxemia.

The main objective of this trial was to evaluate the safety of giving more frequent doses than typical in a clinical trial setting.

Looking at the actual trial, they patients were split up into 4 sequential groups of 6 patients each with each patient receiving the same doses at a different dose frequency rate.

On friday the safety monitoring committee observed there were no dose limiting toxicities or serious effects from being given the 1.5 mg dose.

And then as we already knew from previous announcements the company is planning 2 more additional clinical studies to evaluate the efficency of TSC on both ends of oxygen’s journey through the body.

This would provide more oxygen intake through the lungs.

The first of these 2 future studies will measure the effects of TSC on tissue oxygen delivery using a device called transcutaneous oximeter, or TCOM.

This study is expected to be completed by the 2nd quarter of this year.

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The second of these studies will be to measure the affects TSC on the ability of the lungs to transfer gas from inspired air to the bloodstream.

The results for this study are expected in the 3rd quarter of this year.

So there are a lot of catalyst and studies coming up for this company and I really like the potential.

I definitely expect this stock to continue growing over the year with these planned studies coming out going forward.

If you missed this stock or are thinking about getting it make sure to look for a dip especially after having a big green day like today.

I personally will be buying more on dips and holding long term.

There is a lot of potential here as other companies could come into the picture or even ark could add this to their holdings because of the disruptive technology potential here with this company.

I think this stock could see $10 by the end of the year if not higher.

So what do you guys think about this stock? Let me know your thoughts and predictions down below.

And remember this video is not financial advice, it is just for entertainment purposes only.

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